WWKY Committees

In 2018, Watershed Watch developed a Strategic Work Plan to guide the organization toward efforts that will help it achieve its mission. The major goals of this plan were then assigned to the following work committees.

If you are interested in participating, please contact one of the committee chairs to let them know. They would love your involvement!

finance committee

Goal: To improve WWKY's Financial Health for basin support and organizational sustainability.

Co-Chairs: Pamla Wood and Rod Bruce

organizational operations committee

Goal: Review and organize WWKY's documents and policies.

Co-Chairs: Malissa McAlister and Ken Cooke

basin support committee

Goal: Provide technical and organizational guidance to the basin organizations.

Co-Chairs: Michaela Lambert and Rhonda Lamb

outreach committee

Goal: Increase WWKY's visibility, networking opportunities, and partnerships at state and local levels.

Co-Chairs: Perry Thomas and Hank Graddy

citizen action committee

Goal: Inspire and support citizen action that applies water quality findings to improving water health.

Co-Chairs: Mahtaab Bagherzadeh and Karen Baumann