Calendar of Events

Water Events

Our partner organizations and local watershed groups often hold water-related celebrations, recreational outings, or community service projects. Please check your basin-specific website to find out about events in your area.

Paddle for a Purpose, Six Sundays on the Kentucky River

Sunday, September 25 through Sunday, October 30

Guided, pre-planned group paddling events will occur on six different stretches of the Kentucky River, from Frankfort to Carrollton. Canoes and all necessary equipment will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own. Further details will be posted as they are available.

Sponsored by Wood & Waters Land Trust and Canoe Kentucky as a fundraiser for Wood & Waters Land Trust.

sampling events

Watershed Watch organizes annual sampling events in May, July and September during which our volunteers assess field chemistry and collect water samples for E coli analysis.

2023 Sampling Dates:

  • Friday, May 12 or Saturday, May 13

  • Friday, July 14 or Saturday, July 15

  • Friday, September 15 or Saturday, September 16

Prior to each sampling event, you will receive an email requesting that you register to indicate your ability to participate. Registrants will receive their sampling instructions and supplies approximately one week prior to the event.

Training Workshops

Phase I Training - This 2 hour introductory training workshop provides participants with an understanding of how the Watershed Watch organization functions and what is involved in participating as a sampler. Specific instruction is provided on assessing certain field chemistry characteristics of water, as well as how to properly collect a “grab sample” for analysis at a certified laboratory.

  • Big Sandy Watershed Watch - April 9, 2022 from 12 to 5 pm at Panther State Forest, WV
    Contact if your are interested in participating.

  • Salt River Watershed Watch - March 29th, April 3 and April 9 2022
    Contact if you are interested in participating.

  • Four Rivers Watershed Watch - May 5, 2022
    Contact if you are interested in participating.'

  • Kentucky River Watershed Watch - April 30, 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
    Register here.

Phase II Training - This 4-5 hour workshop provides participants with guidance on further understanding the quality of a waterway through examining its ability to support aquatic life. Instructors explain a variety of factors that influence aquatic habitat, including in-stream conditions and nearby land use. Instruction will also be provided on collecting, identifying, and assessing macroinvertebrate populations in a stream with regard to how they serve as indicators of general water quality.

Basin Conferences

Each year, our basin groups hold annual conferences to provide feedback on the year's sampling results, inform our members about current water issues and topics, and to provide a time for our samplers to interact and network with one another. These conferences are typically held in the late fall or winter.

February 16, 2022 - Big Sandy River Watershed Watch Virtual Conference
Email if you are interested in participating.

Thursday February 24, 2022 - Salt River Watershed Watch Virtual Conference
Register at

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 - Green River Watershed Watch Virtual Conference
6:30 Central / 7:30 pm Eastern
Email if you are interested in participating.

Saturday, March 26, 2022 - Kentucky River Watershed Watch Virtual Conference
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Please email if you would like to participate.

Thursday, April 5, 2022 - Upper Cumberland Watershed Watch Virtual Conference
5:30 to 7:30 pm

Please email if you are interested in participating.