4H Stream Team

The 4-H Stream Program is designed to train youth as citizen scientists who are able to conduct scientific investigations about streams across the Commonwealth, determining if these waters are healthy.

This program is a collaboration between Watershed Watch in Kentucky, Kentucky Division of Water, Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute, Jackson Purchase Foundation, Inc., and University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment departments of 4-H Youth Development and Entomology. Initial funding for the 4-H Stream Team Program was provided by the Kentucky Colonels Good Works Program.

County Cooperative Extension Staff at a 4H Stream Team Leader training workshop

Stream team activities

Team leaders guide local middle school to high school-age youth through a series of water-related lessons and hands-on activities. Generally, these lessons are recommended for monthly Stream Team meetings.

As part of the activities, youth are able to collect and assess water quality indicators in their chosen stream.

Teams are encouraged to develop a community service project that helps address any issues or concerns identified through their sampling efforts.

Training materials, videos and other resources are available on the Kentucky 4H Stream Team webpage. Find out more by clicking here.