Introductory Sampling

Introductory Sampling - Field Chemistry & Grab Sampling
(Phase I)

This training enables you to analyze aquatic chemistry and collect a water sample for laboratory analysis.

Introductory Video (45 minutes)

If you are interested in becoming a Watershed Watch sampler, you can begin by viewing this introductory video. Then, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at to arrange a practice session with a trained sampler and receive your sampling supplies and further instruction.

Presentation Slides

The following presentation slides are used during our in-person training workshops, which are typically held in the spring before our first sampling event takes place in May.

  • Logistics - provides an overview of how Watershed Watch sampling events are conducted

  • Field Chemistry - provides instructions on using field kits to determine water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity

  • Grab Sampling - provides instructions on the correct procedure for collecting a water sample and transporting it to the lab for analysis

Samplers should be recertified every 3 years to maintain their qualification to participate in annual sampling events. The following slides and/or video will serve as a refresher to remind you of correct sampling procedures. In-person recertification workshops are also occasionally provided, often during the annual conferences.