Introductory Sampling

Field Chemistry & bacteriological Analysis

This training enables you to analyze aquatic chemistry and perform a bacteriological analysis by measuring E. coli concentrations.

If you are interested in becoming a Watershed Watch sampler, you can begin by viewing this introductory video.  After watching the video, please click on the link in the description below the YouTube video to take the completion quiz, or use this quiz link!

Upon completion of the link, you will be contacted about arranging an in-person training session.  These will be offered throughout 2024, beginning in April. Please visit our Events page for an updated schedule of offerings, or reach out to us at

E. coli Analysis using the R-Card Method

In 2024, Kentucky Watershed Watch will begin transitioning to a volunteer-led method of measuring E. coli concentrations in water samples.  Some areas of the state will continue to coordinate lab analysis of E. coli, but it will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

R-Card Instructions (NEW)

R-Card Training Video (NEW)

Presentation Slides

The following presentation slides are used during our in-person training workshops, which are typically held in the spring before our first sampling event takes place in May.

Recertification (every 3 years)

Samplers should be recertified every 3 years to maintain their qualification to participate in annual sampling events.  The following slides and/or video will serve as a refresher to remind you of correct sampling procedures.  In-person recertification workshops are also occasionally provided, often during the annual conferences.