WWKY Board Info

2024 Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings Committee Meetings

Outreach Finance

Organizational Basin Support

*typically on last Tuesday of Community Ed & Action SciAd

Watershed Watch Board Members

Tricia Coakley - Chair
Pamla Wood -Treasurer
Andrea Drayer
Steve Evans - Science Advisory Committee
Hank Graddy - Outreach and Community Ed & Action Committees
Laura Gregory - Community Ed & Action Committee
Kelly Johnson - Outreach Committee
Alice Jones - Outreach Committee
Rhonda Lamb - Basin Support Committee, Finance Committee
Mary Miller - Outreach Committee
Joann Palmer - Secretary, Finance Committee, Kentucky Division of Water Volunteer Coordinator
Barry Tonning - Community Ed & Action Committee
Becca Trueman - Basin Support Committee

Malissa McAlister, Transition Coordinator

Committee Members

Outreach Committee
Hank Graddy
Alice Jones
Brad Hartman
Perry Thomas
Mary Miller
Kelly Johnson

Organizational Committee
Malissa McAlister, Co-Chair
Ken Cooke
Pamla Wood
JoAnn Palmer

Community Education and Action Committee
Kelly Johnson, Co-Chair

Perry Thomas, Co-Chair
Barry Tonning
Hank Graddy
Laura Gregory
Malissa McAlister

Finance Committee
Pamla Wood, Co-Chair
JoAnn Palmer
Rhonda Lamb

Basin Support Committee
Rhonda Lamb, Co-Chair
Jane Benson
Becca Trueman

Science Advisory Committee
Steve Evans, Co-Chair, Kentucky River and KWRRI
Jerry Weisenfluh, Co-Chair, Kentucky River
Mike Kemp, Four Rivers
Jane Benson, Four Rivers
Chad Doughty, Green River
Nick Lawhon, Green River
Doug Curl, Kentucky River
Mindy Scott, Licking River
Kristy Hopfensperger, Licking River
Becca Trueman, Salt River
Kelly Johnson, Upper Cumberland
JoAnn Palmer, Kentucky Division of Water