Kentucky Watershed Watch

Explore. Connect. Protect.

Explore - Learn more about your chosen waterway through direct experience.

Connect - Partner with others to better understand the waterway's restoration and protection needs.

Protect - Pursue actions that help improve water quality.

Mission: We support water quality monitoring that informs, connects, and empowers volunteers and their communities for the improvement and protection of Kentucky's water resources.

The Kentucky Watershed Watch organization was formed in 1997 to support community engagement in the state's water quality program.  It has continued to serve as a helpful outlet for those with a special interest in Kentucky's natural waterways to remain engaged in learning about water quality and ways to help preserve and protect it. 

Our statewide nonprofit organization includes hundreds of volunteers who live across Kentucky and give their time to regularly monitor water quality.  By monitoring streams where state agencies do not have the staff or funding resources to visit, their contributions help supplement our understanding of Kentucky stream health.

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