Plan a Community Project

Stream sampling teams can build community interest and involvement in a local stream by organizing a variety of community projects that can improve stream health and serve as an educational opportunity.

In addition to the suggestions below, the Arkansas Watershed Steward Handbook is also an amazing resource.  Chapters 4 and 5 of the handbook focus on Improvement Activities and Community-Driven Opportunities.


Tree planting events are a good way to engage community members in a project that beautifies the community and improves water quality.

Trees protect waterbodies by providing shade, limiting erosion, and absorbing excess stormwater and runoff pollution.

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Community and youth groups are often looking for service projects.  A creek cleanup can show immediate impact!

Litter pickups can be conducted along a stream, river or lake, in your neighborhood, or on public property.

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Help draw attention to the fact that water that enters storm drains goes STRAIGHT to a natural waterway, rather than the local treatment plant.

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Create a rain garden in a low area of your lawn where stormwater runoff can collect and slowly percolate into the ground. This reduces flooding and filters out pollutants!

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Organize a group outing to appreciate your waterway firsthand and enjoy some kindred nature lovers!

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Create habitat areas that support local wildlife and provide important ecological functions.

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Protect Streambanks by Planting Live Tree Stakes

Live stakes are branches cut from trees, most often willow trees. They are planted along streams to stabilize banks with their root system and provide other riparian benefits.

Helpful Resources:
Video on Planting Live Stakes, Friends of Curry's Fork 

Guide to Harvesting and Planting Live Stakes for Stream Restoration, Alabama Extension

Join the Kentucky Watershed Network

The KWN is a network of watershed groups across Kentucky that work together and support each other to increase collective impact to improve water quality for the wildlife & people who rely on clean water. KWA & the Kentucky Watershed Network will provide general and technical support & resources on how to get started and move forward on water quality issues, solutions, and actions.  

More info is available here.