Bacteriological (E. coli) Monitoring

Bacteriological Sampling Resources

KyWW Training Module 4 provides guidance for bacteriological monitoring. Please view the video and take the completion quiz prior to attending an in-person training workshop.

Sampling Resources:

R-Card Supplies

R-Card supplies will be provided by KYWW as funding allows. 

Where Support Hubs are established, the cards and pipettes will be available for pickup.  Otherwise, they will be mailed to samplers prior to each of the three annual sampling events.

Samplers also have the option to purchase supplies using the links to the left.

KYWW incubators for samples will be housed at Support Hubs, where available. Volunteers also have the option to purchase or make their own.

Instructions for DIY Incubator:
A small cooler or other type of insulated container with a lid may be used as an incubator. Uniform temperatures may be maintained using a small light bulb, such as a night light attached to an extension cord. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic to shield the sample plates from direct light. A thermostat is not needed. The number and/or wattage of bulbs may be adjusted to maintain the proper temperatures, depending on the ambient room temperature and size of incubator. For example, a 4-watt bulb in a 1 cubic-foot container usually makes a good incubator. A thermometer is needed to determine ambient incubator temperature. This can be obtained from the AWW water chemistry test kit or a dial thermometer found in garden centers and hardware stores. The thermometer should be placed within the incubator away from the heat source or inserted through the lid so temperature may be read without opening the container. 

Lab Analysis

Some samplers will have the option to conduct lab analysis for E. coli when funding is available.  The procedure for sample collection in bottles will follow KYWW's Grab Sample Guidance.  Samplers will be given instructions for delivering water samples to the lab along with a Chain of Custody form for tracking the sample and reporting sample results to KYWW.

Chain of Custody Form for lab analysis

Instructions for Completing Chain of Custody Form

Grab Sample Guidance for E. coli:

E. coli Grab Sample Procedure:

Since the sample bottles are sterilized, if you do not fill your sample bottle above the marked line, it is not a usable sample. That sample bottle should be discarded.