Additional Resources

Helpful Informational Resources


Kentucky River Basin Maps - The Kentucky Geological Survey developed detailed maps for each of the state's major river basins. 

WikiWatershed Model My Watershed - A watershed modeling web application that enables citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, educators, and students to better understand land use implications to water quality. 


Kentucky Water Health Portal - Water quality information provided by the Kentucky Division of Water in an interactive map-based format 

USEPA's How's My Waterway - Search by an address to find information about the condition of your local waters, based on data that states, federal, tribal, local agencies and others have provided to the USEPA.  

Fondriest Environmental Learning Center - provides in-depth explanation of water quality parameters 


Kentucky Watershed Planning Guidebook - This guidebook provides an overview of the step-by-step process that Kentucky communities can use to create an effective watershed plan for improving the waterways they appreciate and use. 

Arkansas Watershed Steward Handbook - This document provides background and guidance for watershed stewardship; although some information is specific to Arkansas, much of the content is also relevant to Kentucky. 


UK Soil and Water Quality Extension Website - provides a broad selection of informational resources and updates on relevant events and trainings

Kentucky Watershed Academy - This online training course provides presentations related to the Clean Water Act, Water Quality Basics, Dealing with Data, Land Use Impacts and Related Best Management Practices, Likely Partners and Effective Communications 

Reporting a Concern

Watershed Watch volunteers are critical to protecting Kentucky's water resources because they are often the first to notice concerns or threats to water quality.

 Samplers are located throughout the state, familiar with normal stream conditions, and have training to recognize potential issues.

While stream conditions naturally fluctuate, there are instances when volunteers may want to alert Kentucky's environmental agencies.

When to contact the Kentucky Division of Water

Click here or call (502)564-3410 and express your interest in reporting a concern or complaint. Be prepared to explain the nature of the problem, including directions to the site. Photos are also helpful. Reports can be anonymous.

You can also contact a KDOW Regional Office directly to report a concern and request a follow-up field visit.

When to contact Environmental Response Team

For environmental emergencies, such as spills of gas, oil, cement, or other substances, contact the Environmental Response Team at (502)564-2380 or 1-800-928-2380.