Data Reporting

Under Construction - New Database with Volunteer Access Coming Soon!

Until the database is ready, please upload completed data forms using this link and retain them for your records. 

We are hoping to be able to invite samplers to the database before the July sampling event, at which time you will be able to enter your data. 

Annual List of Sites of Concern

In 2023, Watershed Watch began providing a list of Sites of Concern to the Kentucky Division of Water. Sites can be included on the list when multiple sampling results demonstrate exceedances of related water quality criteria or benchmarks. General stream observations and surrounding land uses are also considered.

Watershed Watch plans to continue to present this annual list to the Division of Water in an effort to  partner on coordinated efforts to improve water quality. Although KYWW data cannot be used for regulatory purposes, the Division can use it for screening purposes and may follow up on concerns with a site visit or further sampling.

Volunteers who wish to have their stream location included on the annual list of concern should contact KYWW at  Currently, the list is presented to Division staff in July. 

For consideration, it will be helpful for sampling volunteers to prepare the following information: