Become a Support Hub

A Support Hub Info Informational Webinar was held on June 21

Please send email to if you are interested in receiving a link to the webinar recording.

Beginning in 2024, local Support Hubs will serve as critical partners in Kentucky Watershed Watch’s mission to provide opportunities for residents to engage with the Commonwealth’s abundant network of streams. 

Hubs will help build energy and enthusiasm in local communities and provide support to the stream monitoring program and its volunteers.  Hubs support the Watershed Watch goals of monitoring, raising community awareness, and moving towards improvements in Kentucky’s waterways.

White tub contains field chemistry supplies and Styrafoam incubator is used for bacteriological analysis procedure.

Net, clipboard, and plastic tub are used for collecting and identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates in the biological assessment procedure.

Potential Support Hub Services

What’s Involved in Being a Support Hub?

What are the Benefits of Serving as a Support Hub? 

Potential Services offered by Support Hubs:

Incubator(s) will be provided by KYWW as possible.  Approximate dimensions are 19”x19”x6”.

This includes nets, collection pans, and identification instructions.

Current Support Hubs: (A map and more location details coming soon.)